I have been using Plaxo to keep my contact information current for a few months now and am finding it to be very useful. It would be even more useful if more people and companies in my Address book were also using the service.

I have been trying the Plantium Sync  feature which allows for live 2-way syncing, a very easy way of keeping my Google contact, the Address book on my computer and Plaxo current and in sync. I did have a bit of trouble with double entries when I first started using it. This cleared up once I merged the double entries in Google contact. I am also trying their other premium service, Plaxo Personal Assistant.  It is supposed to help me with the accuracy of my address book by identifying out of date and missing information and filling in the data. The jury is still out on that one.

What I like the best is that when Plaxo sends me a birthday reminder on the day of someone’s birthday, they also handily let me send an electronic birthday card. It is so useful.

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